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The EASTS Best Transportation Landmark Photography Competition (BTLP) is a biannual competition held in conjunction with the EASTS conference. The aim of the competition is to find contemporary photographic images that exemplify the development of safe, secure, sustainable and efficient transportation systems in the EASTS member countries and regions. To this end, BTLP competition entrants are encouraged to submit photographs that highlight a specific issue or development in transportation from their country or region, and that do so through excellence in photographic composition, imagery and artistry.

1. Provisional schedule

End of May 2009 Call for submission of photographs, on EASTS website
15th September 2009 Deadline for submission of photographs
October 2009 Voting by EASTS members which may take in the following forms (to be confirmed by end of June):
  • EASTS members will be informed of the event at the beginning of July
  • Photographs will be published on the EASTS Web Site
  • EASTS members may participate in the online voting
  • The sub-committee will summarize and document the voting results
During EASTS conference The sub-committee will recommend the candidate photographs to the EASTS Board for approval. The selected photographs will then be announced at the conference

2. Prizes

First, second and third prizes will be awarded. The prize awards are:

First Prize $US 125
Second Prize $US 75
Third Prize $US 50

Prizes are awarded on the basis of public voting by EASTS regular members, selection by the BTLP Sub-Committee, and the approval of the EASTS Board.