Papers and Presentations: Group 1 / GROUP 2 / Group 3 / Group 4
  1. Urban Development And Car Use In Mega-Cities (Takamasa SUZUKI, Yasunori MUROMACHI) - View full paper / View Presentation
  2. Effects Of Socialization On Activity -Travel Behavior In Developing Countries: A Case Study Of University Students In Metro Manila, The Philippines (Grace Padayhag, Daisuke Fukuda) - View full paper / View Presentation
  3. Change in Travel Behavior through Mobility Management (Kasem CHOOCHARUKUL, H. Tan VAN and Satoshi FUJII) - View Presentation
  4. Public Transport Trip Chain in Developing Countries (Yasunori MUROMACHI, Caesar P. RUBITE) - View Presentation
  5. Is environment and people friendly transport possible in the Philippines? (Jose Regin F. Regidor) - View Presentation
  6. Analysis of Measures to Reduce Delay and PM Emission at Jeepney Stops in Metro Manila by Microsimulation (Dr. Hilario Sean O. Palmiano)