Papers and Presentations: GROUP 1 / Group 2 / Group 3 / Group 4

  1. Chromium Capture in Cement (PatcharapornSuwanvitaya, Prasert Suwanvitaya, Chalermchai Trakoolpoodpong) - View full paper / View Presentation
  2. Engineering Study of Coastal Erosion in an Embayment Shore and its Mitigation (Eric C. Cruz, Jose Carlos Eric L. Santos) - View Presentation
  3. Subsurface Contamination and Waste Management (Dr. Cheema Chomsurin Soralump) - View Presentation
  4. Post closure activities at the Quezon City Controlled Dumping Facility (QCCDF) (Maria Antonia Tanchuling, Jiro Takemura) - View Presentation
  5. Large Scale Morphodynamics in Pasig-Potorero River Basin: River Morphology and Delta Formation // River and Water Resources Sub-Group (Yuji Toda and Yuta Mizoguchi) - View Presentation
  6. A Comprehensive Study on Terrestrial Threats and Related Impacts on a Fringing Reef (Ariel C. Blanco, Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka, Takahiro Yamamoto, Dr. Atsushi Watanabe, Ma. Cecilia R. Paringit, Eugene C. Herrera)
  7. Collaborative Monitoring, Research, and Numerical Modeling of Laguna Lake, Philippines for Sustainable Water Resource Management and Ecosystem Conservation (Eugene C. Herrera, Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka, Ariel C. Blanco, Emiterio C. Hernandez)
  8. Integrated Coastal Water Investigation at Puerto Galera: Towards the Development of Decision Support System for Water Resources Management (Tanuspong Pokavanich, Dr. Kazuo Nadaoka, Ariel C. Blanco, Eugene C. Herrera)