Browse the Workshop presentations by group: (About the Workshop for Future Collaboration)
  1. Group 1 - Atmospheric Circulation of Water and Air and Environmental Problems // Facilitators: Dr. Enrico C. Paringit (UPD), Dr. Yuji Toda (Nagoya Univ.) and Dr. Cheema Soralump (KU)
  2. Group 2 - Urban Infrastructure Development and Environmental Management // Facilitator: Dr. Karl N. Vergel (UPD)
  3. Group 3 - Safety & Stability of Infrastructures against Environmental Impacts // Facilitators: Dr. Jonathan R. Dungca (DLSU-Manila), Dr. Tomohide Takeyama (Tokyo Tech) and Dr. Apiniti Jotisankasa (KU)
  4. Group 4 - Infrastructure Maintenance/Upgrade for Minimal Environmental Impact // Facilitators: Dr. Nathaniel B. Diola (UPD), Dr. Ken Watanabe (Tokyo Tech) and Dr. Wanchai Yodsudjai (KU)