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Go to Sustainable Transport

Sustainable Transport

NCTS is actively promoting the development and greater use of sustainable modes of transport, including the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), to address the ever worsening problems of traffic congestion, road accidents, air pollution and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions from the transport sector. There are on-going research activities that tackle the social, economic, as well as, environmental dimensions in the transport sector.

Go to Integrated Transport System

Integrated Transport System

The Philippines is an archipelago consisting of around 7,100 islands and connecting economic centers and communities continue present a national challenge. NCTS is actively cooperating with concerned government agencies towards the development of a well-integrated national tranportation system. On-going research activities are focused on multi-modal transportation, land use and transport interaction, planning and decision support systems, and other cross-cutting policy issues.

Go to Institutional Development

Institutional Development

There is an urgent need to improve existing Government processes in relation to the transport sector. The Philippine Transport Strategy Study (PTSS) highlights the need for clear strategy for the sector and the need for institutional change and reforms. Since its inception, the Center has been conducting training programs aimed at enhancing the capacities of the institutions in the transport sector. At present, the Center is building partnerships with other concerned agencies and academic units in the conduct of responsive and demand-driven programs in the field of transportation.

Go to Road Safety

Road Safety

Every year about 1,000 lives are lost due to road accidents. NCTS is doing a valuable part in promoting safety on the streets. Forums involving different concerned agencies, LGUs and NGOs are regularly conducted to discuss and formulate solutions in preventing and reducing accident occurences.