June 28, 2017


Inclusive Transportation (InTra) Group

This is a newly named group at the Center. It is formerly named Transportation Planning/Traffic Engineering and Management (TP/TEM) Group. This specialized group conducts research and extension activities on inclusive transportation, which focuses on persons with disabilities (PWDs), seniors, gender, children, pedestrians, cyclists and vulnerable road users.


  1. Social Equity and Gender Perspectives
    • Development of information on social equity and gender perspectives on transportation
  2. Training
    • Conduct of Traffic Education for Children
    • Conduct of a Pre- & Post-Assessment Survey for Children regarding UP Diliman Pedestrian Facilities
    • Technical Assistance in the Development of the Subic Children’s Road Safety Training Park
    • Conduct of Training Course for Public Utility Vehicle (PUV) Drivers
  3. UP Diliman as Research Study Area
    • UP Diliman Traffic Rules and Regulations
    • Inventory of UP Diliman Signs and Markings
    • Inventory of Street Lights in UP Diliman
  4. Development of IEC materials
    • Traffic Laws and Regulations for Children (Booklet and Tarpaulin)
    • UP Diliman Road Rules and Regulations (Leaflet)
    • Motorcycle Helmet Act (Poster)
    • Anti-Distracted Driving Act (Poster)
    • Motorcycle Issues (Leaflet)
    • Compilation of Motorcycle Laws/Codes in the Philippines