July 14, 2016






The U.P. National Center for Transportation Studies Foundation, Inc. (UP-NCTSFI) was established to promote and conduct relevant research and projects in the field of transportation. It endeavors to provide its clients with a pool of highly competent and dynamic transport engineers, urban and regional planners, and economists employing the latest technologies and expertise. It was also established to support for the National Center for Transportation Studies of the University of the Philippines including the upgrading of facilities, and the provision of scholarships and research grants.


UP-NCTSFI is backed by more than 30 years of experience in the various fields of transportation management and engineering, transportation planning, urban and regional planning, environmental studies and rural transport development.  Affiliate faculty members from academic units of the University of the Philippines comprise its pool of experts. Likewise, the technical staff supporting the principal experts is composed of highly skilled and experienced individuals. With this panel of experts and support staff, the UP-NCTSFI has constantly sought to develop and enhance the capability, skills, and knowledge of persons and agencies involved in transportation research, training and administration, both in public and private sectors. Their specific fields of expertise include:


Urban and Regional Planning

·         Economic Development

·         Land Use Planning

·         Comprehension Development        Planning

·         Urban and/or Regional Analysis


  Transportation Engineering and


·         Traffic Engineering

·         Highway Engineering

·         Traffic Management and Control

·         Traffic Safety

Transportation Planning

·         Network Planning

·         Public Transport System Analysis and Planning

·         Travel demand Forecasting and Analysis

·         Transportation Plan Evaluation

·         Transportation Infrastructure Planning


  Transportation Economics and

Financial Studies

·         Feasibility Studies

·         Economic Evaluation

·         Financial Analysis

·         Attitudinal Surveys

·         Market Research


·         Passenger and Community Flow Studies

·         Physical Distribution

·         Multi-modal Analysis


  Environmental Studies

·         Traffic Impact Analysis

·         Environmental Surveys


Computer Applications

·         GIS

·         Data Base Development

·         Forecasting and Analysis using Computer Packages


  Rural Transport Development

·         Rural Transport Planning

·         Rural Transport System Development





In consonance with its ideals and objectives, the UP NCTS pursues sustainable transportation projects through the UPNCTSFI.