December 1, 2016

Research Publications

12th Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) Conference Ho Chi Minh City, September 18-21, 2017

1. Regidor, J.R.F. and Aloc, D.S. (2017). Railway Transport Planning and Implementation in Metropolitan Manila, 1879 to 2014.

2. Napalang, M.S.G. and Regidor, J.R.F. (2017). Innovation Versus Regulation: An Assessment of the Metro Manila Experience in Emerging Ridesourcing Transport Services.

3. Regidor, J.R.F., Belizario, M.C., Dela Paz, G.C. (2017). A Study on the Potential for Rationalizating Road Public Transport Services with Respect to a Rail Transit Line Extension.

4. Sigua, R.G. and Cruz, G.S.P. (2017). Philippine Air Transport Safety: Analysis of Accidents and Incidents over the Last Two Decades.


24th Transportation Society of the Philippines (TSSP) Annual Conference Diliman, Quezon City,
July 21, 2017

Assessment of Mobility of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Cainta, Rizal [Pajarin, J.B., Soriano, C.M. and Regidor, J.R.]

The Influence of Rainfall on the Mode Shifting Behavior of Commuters: The Case of Ortigas CBD Workers [Sunga, A., Diaz, C.E. and Napalang, M.S.]

Assessment of the Air Quality of C.P. Garcia Avenue Along the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Compound [Angeles, E.J.L., David, J.E.L., Vergel, K.N. and Orozco, F.]

Addressing Motorcycle Safety through Regulations: Challenges and Issues in the Philippines [Napalang, M.S.G., Mappala, A.U., Ronquillo, T.R., Lobendino, M.E., Angeles, B.M. and Almazan, R.P.]


11th Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies (EASTS) Conference Cebu City, September 11-13, 2015

1. Palmiano, H.S.O., Javier, S.F.D. and Regidor, J.R.F. (2015). An Assessment of Walkability in a Medium-Sized Philippine City.

2. Abaya, E., Vergel, K., Sigua, R. and Quiros, E. (2015). Development of Drive Cycles and Measurement of Fuel Economies of Light Duty Vehicles in Metro Manila.

3. Abaya, E.B., Vergel, K.B.N., Sigua, R.G., Quiros, E.N. and Biona, J.M.B. (2015). Instantaneous Fuel Consumption Models of Light Duty Vehicles and a Case Study on the Fuel Consumption at Different Traffic Conditions in Metro Manila Using Shepard’s Interpolation.

4. Sigua, R.G. and Montalbo C. Jr., M. (2015). Selection of Metro Manila BRT Corridors Using Multi-Criteria Assessment.

5. Napalang, M.S.G. and Regidor, J.R.F. (2015). Challenges of Urban Transport Development in Metro Manila: A Look Back at the Last 40 years.

6. Regidor, J.R.F., Napalang, M.S.G. and Diola, N.B. (2015). State of Pavement Engineering in the Philippines and Implications on the Economic Life of National Roads.

7. Manresa, A.R., Vergel, K.B.N. and Regidor, J.R.F. (2015). An Assessment of the Public Necessity Concept for Estimating the Requirements for Public Transport Vehicles.

8. Vergel, K.B.N., Habana, R.R., Peña, N.A., Carasi, L.C, Mariño, A.G. and Abao, A.A. (2015). Evaluation of Compliance of Dimensions and Selected Systems and Components of Customized Local Road Vehicles (CLRV) with Vehicle Regulations and Standards.

9. Quiros, E. and Vergel, K. (2015). Fuel Economy of Public Utility Jeepneys Using 2% and 5% Coco-Methyl Ester (CME)-Diesel Blends — A Limited Preliminary Study.

10. Quiros, E.N., Vergel, K.B.N., Abaya, E.B., Santos, E. and Mercado, J.G. (2015). Benchmarking LPG as an Alternative Fuel for Jeepneys.

11. Chavez, S. and Palmiano, H. (2015). Assessment of Metro Manila Bus Fare Computation.

12. Clarito, A.F., Ramos, B.M.D. and Sigua, R.G. (2015). Study on Safety of Railway/Highway Grade Crossings in the Philippines.

13. Sundo, M.B. and Vergel, K.B.N. (2015). An O-D Approach of Estimating Energy Demand and CO2 Emission for the Luzon Road Transport using Inter-Regional Passenger and Freight Flow Data.

14. Montalbo C. Jr., M. and Brader, C. (2015). Dignity of Travel: BRT Development in the Philippines.

15. Palmiano, H.S.O., Villar, J.C. and Quilatan, M.M. (2015). Traffic Noise Measurement, Perception, and Modelling in a University Campus.

16. Jose, R., Mabazza, D., Regidor, J., Lagman, M. and Villasper, J. (2015). Planning Metro Manila’s Mass Transit System.

17. Muromachi, Y., Lim, I.V., Wicaksono, A., Vergel, K.B.N., Choocharukul, K., Tan, V.H., Terai, K., Fukuda, D. and Yai, T. (2015). A Comparative Study on Road-based Urban Public Transport Policies in Six Asian Countries from the Viewpoint of Governance, Urban Planning, and Financial Aspects.

18. Wicaksono, A., Lim, I., Muromachi, Y., Vergel, K., Choocharukul, K. and Tan, V.H., Terai, K., Fukuda, D. and Yai, T. (2015). Road-based Urban Public Transport and Paratransit in Six Asian Countries: Legal Conditions and Intermodal Issues.

19. Mijares, A.C.S., Suzuki, M., Yai, T. and Vergel, K.B.N. (2015). Actual Conditions at the Metro Manila MRT-3 during the Morning Peak Period: Focus on Passengers’ Viewpoint.

20. Ballarta, J., Doroy, N., Padao, I. and Villanueva, C. (2015). Accident Hotspot Mapping in Quezon City: The case of Katipunan Avenue.

21. Mappala, A. and Sigua, R. (2015). Innovative Collection of Road and Traffic Data for Road Safety Audit.


23rd Transportation Society of the Philippines (TSSP) Annual Conference Diliman, Quezon City, August 8, 2016

TSSP Annual Conference Panel Discussion [Dr. Ricardo Sigua, UP Diliman]

Comparative Study of Uber and Regular Taxi Service Characteristics [Nistal, P.D., and Regidor, J.R.F.]

Comparative Analysis of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and Conventional Taxi Services in Metro Manila [Paronda, A.G.A., Regidor, J.R.F., and Napalang, M.S.G.]

Philippine Air Transport Safety: Analysis of Incidents over the Last Two Decades [Cruz, G.S.P., and Sigua, R.G.]

Comparison of Simple Gap Acceptance Method and Gap Forcing Method in Estimating the Capacity of Single Lane Streams at Simple Intersections [Ladaga, A.S., and Sigua, R.G.]

Calibrating Relative Velocity and Lateral Clearance Parameters of a Lane Changing Model for Traffic Microsimulation [Dimayacyac, E.T., and Palmiano, H.S.O.]

Evaluation of the Runway Capacity of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport [Sawali, F. C. A., Vega, L.V.U., and Palmiano, H.S.O.]

Policy Note

Napalang, M.S.G., Agatep, P.M.G. and Detros, K.C. (2016). The Motor Vehicle User’s Charge: Some issues and recommendations.



Regidor, J.R.F., Marcelo, K.R.S. and SALVADOR, J.P.B. (2016). Assessment of Pedestrian Facilities Along Marcos Highway.