October 28, 2016

Traffic Management Course for Traffic Law Enforcers (Level I)


This course provides training for personnel who are required to enforce traffic laws and regulations and to direct and control traffic.  The course allows enforcers to understand their role as a traffic enforcer and understand the different laws and regulations they are going to enforce.  This program also covers the standard traffic signs and pavement markings – their meaning and when and where to install them.  This course also allows enforcers to direct and control traffic in an intersection.  Administration of traffic citation ticket and investigation, recording and reporting of traffic incident are also covered in this program.

Target Participants

Traffic Law enforcers and private traffic crash investigators, engineers, lawyers, safety officers, local and national government personnel involved in traffic management.


At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:
1. Understand the role of a traffic enforcer;
2. Identify the different laws and regulations;
3. Identify different traffic signs and pavement markings;
4. Be familiar with the procedures on how to direct and control traffic;
5. Be familiar with the significant legal requirements of the administration of traffic citation ticket;
6. Learn how to investigate, record and report traffic accident/incident, and,
7. Understand the different institutional arrangements in traffic management.

Course Outline

Module 1. Introduction to Traffic Management
Module 2. Human, Vehicle and Flow Characteristics
Module 3. Introduction to Traffic Law Enforcement
Module 4. Traffic Laws and Regulations
Module 5. Traffic Signs and Pavement Markings
Module 6. Traffic Direction and Control
Module 7. Traffic Citation Administration
Module 8. Traffic Accident Investigation
Module 9. Traffic Administration
Module 10. Road Safety Program

Participation Fee

Php 12,000 per person, inclusive of training kit, course materials, certificate with holder, lunch, and snacks.  Please make checks payable to UP National Center for Transportation Studies Foundation, Inc. (UPNCTSFI).

Minimum Degree Requirement

College level.


Application form can be downloaded here.
Required documents and payment details can be downloaded here.