October 28, 2016

Traffic Management Course for Traffic Law Enforcers (Level II)


This course provides training for personnel who are required to select and make minor modifications to existing traffic management plans/schemes and to conduct thorough traffic crash investigation and properly document findings for courtroom presentation.

Target Participants

Traffic Law enforcers and private traffic crash investigators, engineers, attorneys, safety officers, local and national government personnel involved in traffic management.


At the end of the training, the participants will be able:
1. Estimate appropriate signal timing plan for a single signalized intersection;
2. Understand the principles, strategies and concepts in Traffic Incident Management;
3. Explain concepts that apply to traffic management during special events;
4. Describe and illustrate trends and patterns in traffic crash date;
5. Use different traffic law enforcement tools and equipment;
6. Carry out detailed examinations of traffic accident investigation scene;
7. Document findings for courtroom presentation;
8. Enumerate the different rules of procedure before courts and quasi-judicial agencies; and
9. Understand the basic principles and methods used to reconstruct vehicle crashes.

Course Outline

Module 1. Intersection Control and Signal Timing
Module 2. Traffic Crash Data Management and Reporting
Module 3. Special Events Traffic Management
Module 4. Traffic Incident Scene Management
Module 5. Traffic Law Enforcement Tools
Module 6. Traffic Accident Case Build-up
Module 7. Basic Principles of Criminal Procedure and the Rules of Evidence
Module 8. Proper Decorum before Courts and Quasi-Judicial Agencies
Module 9. Fundamentals of Traffic Accident Reconstruction

Participation Fee

Php 12,000 per person, inclusive of training kit, course materials, certificate with holder, lunch, and snacks.  Please make cheque payable to UP National Center for Transportation Studies Foundation, Inc. (UPNCTSFI).

Minimum Degree Requirement

Attended the Traffic Management Course for Traffic Law Enforcers (Level I) or Regular Training Program of UP-NCTS.


Application form can be downloaded here.
Required documents and payment details can be downloaded here.