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UP-NCTS General List of Activities

Road Traffic Safety Activities

The UP Diliman Model Road Traffic Safety Zone

Formulation of a National EST Strategy for the Philippines

Inter-University Seminar on Transportation and the Environment 2008

Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Guidelines for the Philippines Download

EASTS Best Transportation Landmark Photo Contest 2009

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Seminar

DOTC Strategic Planning Conference 2009

UP National Center for Transportation Studies Personnel


Director, Assistant Professor 5 (SURP) - Dr. Ma. Sheilah G. Napalang
Admin. Assistant I/(Secretary I) - Michelle R. Deloria

Inclusive Transportation (INTRA) Group

OIC, UES III - Aileen U. Mappala


Univ. Extension Specialist III - Aileen U. Mappala
Univ. Extension Specialist II - Teresita R. Ronquillo
Univ. Extension Associate II - Maribelle E. Lobendino


Admin. Asst. III/(Com. Optr. II) - Bernadette M. Angeles
Admin. Aide V(AVEO II) - Ramil P. Alamazan

Research and Extension Fellows:

Professor 3 (SURP) - Dr. Hussein S. Lidasan
Associate Professor 4 (SURP) - Dr. Jun T. Castro
Associate Professor 3 (SURP) - Dr. Crispin Emmanuel D. Diaz
Assistant Professor 5 (SURP) - Dr. Ma. Sheilah G. Napalang
Associate Professor (SURP) - Dr. Cresencio M. Montalbo, Jr.
Assistant Professor (COE) - Dr. Adrian Roy L. Valdez

Traffic Engineering and Management Group (TEM)

Group Head, Prof 6 (COE) - Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua


Univ. Extension Specialist II - Sahid A. Kamid
Univ. Extension Associate I - Glenn Simon D. Latonero


Admin. Aide VI/(Clerk III) - Sherman D. AvendaƱo

Research and Extension Fellows:

Professor 6 (COE) - Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua
Assistant Professor 7 (COE) - Dr. Hilario Sean O. Palmiano
Instructor (COE) - John Michael G. Constantino
Professor (CSSP) - Dr. Aurora C. Mendoza

Transportation, Environment and Energy (TE&E) Group

Group Head, Associate Professor 6 (COE) - Dr. Karl N. Vergel


Univ. Extension Specialist I - Jerome N. Ballarta
Univ. Extension Associate II - Alorna A. Abao


Computer Programmer I/Network Administrator - Ivan Francis L. Orozco
Precision Instrument Technician - Ramir T. Dacanay

Research and Extension Fellows:

Professor I (COE) - Dr. Jose Regin F. Regidor
Associate Professor 6 (COE) - Dr. Karl N. Vergel
Associate Professor (COE) - Dr. Enrico C. Paringit
Assistant Professor (ME) - Prof. Gerald Jo. C. Denoga
Associate Professor (CSSP) - Dr. Daniel L. Mabazza
Associate Professor (ME) - Dr. Edwin N. Quiros
Professor (CSSP) - Dr. Ricardo T. Jose

Training Group

Training Coordinator, UES III - Sheila Flor D. Javier


Univ. Extension Specialist III - Sheila Flor D. Javier


Admin. Assistant III/(Comp. Optr. II) - John Vic M. Canulo

Administrative & Information Group

Admin. Officer IV/(Admin. Officer II) - Maria Remedios L. Angeles
Admin. Officer I/(Supply Officer I) - Allan H. Merced
Admin. Assistant II/(Admin. Assistant) - Wealyn C. Torres
Admin. Aide IV/(REMO II) - Leo E. Luangco
Admin. Aide IV/(Driver II) - Ernesto S. Rigo, Jr.
Admin. Aide IV/(Driver II) - Lamberto R. Fonseca
Admin. Aide IV/(Driver II) - Osmundo D. Velasco

Building Administrator

Building Administrator (Addl. Assignment) - Ramil Almazan

Contact Information
E-mail Address
(63-2) 981-8500
U.P. Trunkline
3551, 3552, 3553
(63-2) 929-0495
NCTS Trunkline
(63-2) 928-8305
URSA / T&E TeleFax
(63-2) 929-4403
TP / TEM TeleFax