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UP-NCTS General List of Activities

Road Traffic Safety Activities

The UP Diliman Model Road Traffic Safety Zone

Formulation of a National EST Strategy for the Philippines

Inter-University Seminar on Transportation and the Environment 2008

Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) Guidelines for the Philippines Download

EASTS Best Transportation Landmark Photo Contest 2009

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Seminar

DOTC Strategic Planning Conference 2009

Marikina City Bikeways Study and Technical Extension

UP-NCTS In-House Study
From: January-December 2007

  • In April 2007, meetings were held with the Marikina City Bikeways Office (MCBO) to seek support for the household interview survey with the purpose of getting the trip information and estimate the modal shift to non-motorized transport in Marikina City
  • A mini-household interview survey was conducted by UP-NCTS and the MCBO in May-June 2007 which were supported by OJT students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines Results of the study were used to augment the case study on the Marikina City
  • Marikina City has indicated its interest for monitoring of air quality in its city by using the portable PM monitor (Sibata)

Special Committee for the EDSA Bus Route Revalidation Survey and Mega Manila Public Transport Study (MMPTS)

This is the overall program for the public transport route rationalization of Metro Manila which took off from the activities of the EDSA Bus Route Revalidation Study Task Force (DOTC-JICA) which held several meetings and analysis activities in NCTS in 2006. The role of UP-NCTS is to provide technical support and technical advice to DOTC and the Special Committee. To formalize the collaborative activities, a Special Committee for the EDSA Bus Route Revalidation Survey and Mega Manila Public Transport Study (MMPTS) was established by the DOTC in August 2, 2006 through DOTC Special Order No. 2006-131 appointing UP-NCTS to the Steering Committee and Technical Working Group. In addition, UP-NCTS was also appointed to the joint DOTC-UPNCTS Secretariat. UP-NCTS participated in the Steering Committee (Dr. Regidor) and TWG meetings (Dr. Tiglao, Dr. Vergel, Ms. Alorna Abao, Ms. Bernadette Angeles) on the presentation of the progress report and draft final report of the Study Team in January-March 2007.

Roadworthiness and Emissions of Public Utility Jeepneys in UP Diliman

UP-NCTS, OVCCA and the UP Diliman Transport Committee
Funding: UP Diliman Office of the Chancellor
Period: January 2007 –

  • Initiated by UP-NCTS, this will involve assessment of jeepneys in UP Diliman in terms of roadworthiness and compliance to emission standards. The jeepneys are expected to undergo roadworthiness and emission (opacity) tests to be conducted by the Land Transportation Office (LTO) Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) staff
  • An initial inspection was conducted on 9 May 2007 where 5 UP PUJs were inspected by the LTO MVIS staff at the UPD-CMO Stockyard with inspection pit
    - Agencies/UP Units involved: UPD-OVCCA, UP-NCTS, DOTC-LTO-MVIS, UPDP, UP-PUJ Associations
    - Number of participants: 23

Air Quality Monitoring in Cebu City

Cebu City Traffic Operations Management (CITOM)
UP Cebu College – Environment and Natural Studies Program and the UP National Center for Transportation Studies
Period: 23-24 May 2007
Funding Sources:
Accommodation and Allowance: Cebu City Government
Transportation Cost: USAID-ECAP under Strategy 2 ‘Strengthen Local Governance Capacity of LGUs for Clean Air Reform’

  • A request for technical assistance on PM concentration monitoring as well as the request to borrow the monitoring equipment of NCTS from Cebu City Mayor Tomas Osmena was received by the Center on March 2007.
  • Conducted 1-hour air quality monitoring (PM1, PM2, PM7, PM10, TSP) and classified traffic volume count with CITOM staff and OJT students and with Prof. Sinogaya of UP College Cebu at 2 locations (Gorordo Avenue in front of
    UP College Cebu and Osmena Boulevard-P. Del Rosario intersection)
  • The Sibata Aerosol Monitor GT-331 (particulate matter monitoring equipment) was lent to Prof. Sinogaya for long-term monitoring activity for Cebu City in cooperation with CITOM from May to December 2007.

Development and Implementation of Standards for Customized Local Road Vehicles


The Bureau of Product Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI-BPS) established a special multi-sectoral sub-committee (SC 28 Customized Road Vehicles) under technical committee TC 44 – Road Vehicles in 2005 with UP-NCTS as the chair to study and develop standards for all customized local road vehicles (CLRV). After sub-committee approval on October 2006, the Draft Philippine National Standard (DPNS) on the definition and classification of CLRVs such as jeepneys, tricycles, Filcab, etc. was approved for circulation by TC 44 on January 24, 2007. Baseline data gathering has commenced in June 2006 for jeepneys while the target adoption of PNS will be in 2008 while the industry implementation is set in 2010 based on the established road map.

Membership in Inter-Agency Technical Committees of the Government

Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC)

  • Committee on the Harmonization of Vehicle Standards and Regulations (CHVSR)

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

  • TC 44 Road Vehicles (from November 2004 and became permanent member in June 2005)
  • SC 28 Customized Road Vehicles (appointed as Sub-Committee Chair in November 2004)

Department of Environment and Natural Resources/Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB)

  • Inter-Agency Technical Working Group for the Development of Euro II Emission Standards for Motor Vehicles (appointed as member on 7 July 2005)
  • Inter-Agency Technical Working Group for the Development of Carbon Monoxide (CO) and Hydrocarbon Emission (HC) Standards for Motorcycles and Tricycles (appointed as TWG Co-chair on 24 June 2005)

Department of Energy (DOE)

  • Coco-methyl ester (CME) Biodiesel Technical Committee (member, September 2003-)
  • Technical Committee on Petroleum Products and Additives (TCPPA) (member, 2005-)
  • Technical Working Group on CNG/NGV Standards (appointed as member since 2004)