Proceedings of the 24rd Annual TSSP Conference

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Souvenir Program

Panel Discussion/Presentation

Theme: Improving Quality of Life through Inclusive Transportation

1. DPWH Strategic Infrastructure Programs and Policies [Loyola, M. B.]

2. Improving Quality of Life through Inclusive Transportation, Transport Infrastructure Development under the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 [Planta, R. M.]

3. Improving the Quality of Life Through Inclusive Transportation [Lontoc, A. R.]

Technical Session 1

Non-Motorized Transport

1. An Assessment of Bikeways Safety in Pedestrian Crashes Prone Areas in Marikina City [Camba, M.D., Dimayuga, R.D.H. and Doroy, N.B.]

2. Assessment of Mobility of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Cainta, Rizal [Pajarin, J.B., Soriano, C.M. and Regidor, J.R.]

3. Pedestrianization in Baguio City [Agustin, E.D.T., Buhay, J.I.I., Gilbuena, K.K.T., Reyes, M.S.C., Roxas, N.Jr.R. and Paringit, M.C.R.]

4. Study on Walkability around Stations of Urban Railway in Bangkok [Ozawa, H., Malaitham, S. and Fukuda, A.]

Technical Session 2

Public Transportation

5. Estimating Economic Losses from a Nationwide Jeepney Strike [Roquel, K.I.D., Fillone, A.M. & Yu, K.D.]

6. Jeepney Service Operation and Demand in Baguio City [Ranosa, L.L., Fillone, A.M. and De Guzman, M.P.]

7. Impact Analysis of Aerial Ropeway Transport System as a Form of Mass Transportation in Baguio City [Estrella, A.F., Mendoza, A.K., Mendoza, M.A., Sanchez, K., Fillone, A., Paringit, M.C. and Roxas, N.]

8. Proposed Standard Jeepney Fare Using Fuzzy Logic [Bacero, R., Bandala, A. and Fillone, A.]

Technical Session 3

Transport Planning and Policy

9. Social Equity in Urban Transport: The Case of Metro Manila, Philippines [Villaraza, C.M. Lira, B.G., Fillone, A., Hickman, R. and Biona, J.B.M.]

10. The Influence of Rainfall on the Mode Shifting Behavior of Commuters: The Case of Ortigas CBD Workers [Sunga, A., Diaz, C.E. and Napalang, M.S.]

11. Assessment of the Air Quality of C.P. Garcia Avenue Along the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Compound [Angeles, E.J.L., David, J.E.L., Vergel, K.N. and Orozco, F.]

12. Multicriteria and Indicator-based Desirability Assessment of Transport Systems [Lopez, N.S., Biona, J.B.M., Fillone, A. and Shwanen, T.]

13. Addressing Motorcycle Safety through Regulations: Challenges and Issues in the Philippines [Napalang, M.S.G., Mappala, A.U., Ronquillo, T.R., Lobendino, M.E., Angeles, B.M. and Almazan, R.P.]

Technical Session 4

Urban and Regional Planning

14. Tracing the History of the Philippine National Railways: Historical Geographic Visualization of the Ferro-Carriles en Isla de Luzon (1891-1945) using a Geographic Information System [Damian, J., Mabazza, D. and Villasper, J.]

15. Comparison of Trip Attraction Between Malls and Schools in the City of Dagupan, Philippines [Zamora, J.T. and Fillone, A.M.]

16. Changes in Inter-City Travel Behavior in Metro Manila due to Flooding [Abad, R.P., Fillone, A.M. and Schwanen, T.]

17. Influence of Transportation Services in the Socio-Economic Development: The Case of North Cotabato Province [Alucilja, K.M.B. and Fillone, A.M.]

18. Impact Assessment of a Proposed Expressway along C-5 [Pique, G.M.L. and Fillone, A.M.]

Invitation to the 2017 TSSP Conference

For TSSP Corporate, Lifetime, Regular and Associate Members:

This is to invite you to participate in the 24th Annual Conference of the Transportation Science Society of the Philippines (TSSP) with the theme: Improving Quality of Life in Urban & Rural Areas through Inclusive Transportation, that will be held on July 21, 2017 (Friday) at the National Center for Transportation Studies, University of the Philippines, Diliman, Quezon City. Attached is the draft program.