Proceedings of the 24th Annual TSSP Conference

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Souvenir Program (pdf)

Panel Discussion/Presentation
Theme: Improving Quality of Life through Inclusive Transportation

1. DPWH Strategic Infrastructure Programs and Policies [Loyola, M. B.]
2. Improving Quality of Life through Inclusive Transportation, Transport Infrastructure Development under the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 [Planta, R. M.]
3. Improving the Quality of Life Through Inclusive Transportation [Lontoc, A. R.]

Technical Session 1
Non-Motorized Transport
1. An Assessment of Bikeways Safety in Pedestrian Crashes Prone Areas in Marikina City [Camba, M.D., Dimayuga, R.D.H. and Doroy, N.B.]
2. Assessment of Mobility of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Cainta, Rizal [Pajarin, J.B., Soriano, C.M. and Regidor, J.R.]
3. Pedestrianization in Baguio City [Agustin, E.D.T., Buhay, J.I.I., Gilbuena, K.K.T., Reyes, M.S.C., Roxas, N.Jr.R. and Paringit, M.C.R.]
4. Study on Walkability around Stations of Urban Railway in Bangkok [Ozawa, H., Malaitham, S. and Fukuda, A.]

Technical Session 2
Public Transportation
5. Estimating Economic Losses from a Nationwide Jeepney Strike [Roquel, K.I.D., Fillone, A.M. & Yu, K.D.]
6. Jeepney Service Operation and Demand in Baguio City [Ranosa, L.L., Fillone, A.M. and De Guzman, M.P.]
7. Impact Analysis of Aerial Ropeway Transport System as a Form of Mass Transportation in Baguio City [Estrella, A.F., Mendoza, A.K., Mendoza, M.A., Sanchez, K., Fillone, A., Paringit, M.C. and Roxas, N.]
8. Proposed Standard Jeepney Fare Using Fuzzy Logic [Bacero, R., Bandala, A. and Fillone, A.]

Technical Session 3
Transport Planning and Policy
9. Social Equity in Urban Transport: The Case of Metro Manila, Philippines [Villaraza, C.M. Lira, B.G., Fillone, A., Hickman, R. and Biona, J.B.M.]
10. The Influence of Rainfall on the Mode Shifting Behavior of Commuters: The Case of Ortigas CBD Workers [Sunga, A., Diaz, C.E. and Napalang, M.S.]
11. Assessment of the Air Quality of C.P. Garcia Avenue Along the Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Compound [Angeles, E.J.L., David, J.E.L., Vergel, K.N. and Orozco, F.]
12. Multicriteria and Indicator-based Desirability Assessment of Transport Systems [Lopez, N.S., Biona, J.B.M., Fillone, A. and Shwanen, T.]
13. Addressing Motorcycle Safety through Regulations: Challenges and Issues in the Philippines [Napalang, M.S.G., Mappala, A.U., Ronquillo, T.R., Lobendino, M.E., Angeles, B.M. and Almazan, R.P.]

Technical Session 4
Urban and Regional Planning
14. Tracing the History of the Philippine National Railways: Historical Geographic Visualization of the Ferro-Carriles en Isla de Luzon (1891-1945) using a Geographic Information System [Damian, J., Mabazza, D. and Villasper, J.]
15. Comparison of Trip Attraction Between Malls and Schools in the City of Dagupan, Philippines [Zamora, J.T. and Fillone, A.M.]
16. Changes in Inter-City Travel Behavior in Metro Manila due to Flooding [Abad, R.P., Fillone, A.M. and Schwanen, T.]
17. Influence of Transportation Services in the Socio-Economic Development: The Case of North Cotabato Province [Alucilja, K.M.B. and Fillone, A.M.]
18. Impact Assessment of a Proposed Expressway along C-5 [Pique, G.M.L. and Fillone, A.M.]


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