Enhancing Road Safety in the Philippines by Equipping Professionals with Road Safety Audit Techniques

The safety of roads and highways is a critical concern for everyone, and it is essential to address this issue. To address this issue, the UP National Center for Transportation Studies conducted the Training Course on Road Safety Audit from February 27 to March 3, 2023. The objective of this training program was to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of road safety audit, and equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills to conduct road safety audits.


The training course covered various topics related to road safety audit, including fundamentals of road safety, DPWH guidelines on road safety audit process and procedures, traffic control devices and safety facilities, geometric design of highways and intersections, International Road Assessment Program (IRAP), assessment of road safety and black spots identification, and case studies and best practices. The course also included two workshops where participants had the opportunity to apply what they had learned in a pre-opening road and a sample detailed design. The workshops provided participants with hands-on experience in conducting safety audits and implementing safety countermeasures and treatments.


We are fortune to have distinguished resource persons from UP Institute of Civil Engineering (Dr. Sandy Mae A. Gaspay, Dr. Hilario Sean O. Palmiano, Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua), Department of Public Works and Highways (Engr. Judith Tagle), International Road Assessment Program (Mr. Greg Smith) and UP Transportation Management Office/UP-NCTS (Engr. Aileen U. Mappala). Their insights and guidance were instrumental in ensuring that the participants received a comprehensive and up-to-date understanding of road safety audit.


The training had 28 participants from various organizations, including the Toll Regulatory Board, Metropolitan Manila Development Authority, Land Transportation Office, PEA Tollway Corporation, Province of Nueva Vizcaya, Taguig City, Muntinlupa City, Ormoc City, NLEX Corporation, MPT South Management Corporation, Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Corporation, MPCala Holdings, Inc. and Western Mindanao State University.


The actual road safety audit of a pre-opening road was successfully conducted in NLEX Connector Road last March 1, 2023. During the workshop, participants were able to apply the road safety audit process to an actual road, identify potential road safety issues, and recommend appropriate measures to mitigate these risks.


We are grateful to NLEX Corporation for allowing us to conduct the workshop in NLEX Connector Road and for their assistance during the workshop. Their support was invaluable in making the workshop a success.


The Training Course on Road Safety Audit concluded with a presentation of the workshop outputs to a panel consisting of Engr. Aileen Mappala, Engr. Judith Tagle, Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua, and Mr. Relly Dave Bautista. The panel members provided feedback and recommendations on the workshop outputs, which further enhanced the participants’ learning experience. The presentation was a culmination of the participants’ hard work and demonstrated their newfound knowledge and skills in conducting road safety audits and implementing safety countermeasures and treatments. The feedback from the panel will undoubtedly help improve the road safety auditing capabilities of the participants and contribute to safer roads and highways in the country.


After the workshop presentation, a closing program was held, where our Director, Dr. Jun T. Castro, delivered the closing remarks. Responses from the graduates were given by Mr. Bernardo A. Ramolete of LGU Taguig, Engr. Miths A. Dela Cruz of PEA Tollway Corporation, and Engr. Junievin R. Ramillano of Western Mindanao State University. The program was moderated by Mr. Jerome Ballarta of the Training Unit of the Center.


Overall, the Training Course on Road Safety Audit was a success, and participants expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the training and the knowledge gained. The training will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the safety of our roads and highways and contribute to reducing the number of road accidents and fatalities in the country.



Prepared By: Sheila Flor D. Javier