[FREE WEBINAR ALERT] Motorcycle Safety and Insurance

Gear Up for Knowledge: Motorcycle Safety and Insurance Webinar Ahead!

Join us for a captivating session on “Motorcycle Safety and Insurance,” organized by Traffic Engineering and Management (TEM) – Road Safety Research Laboratory (RSRL). This webinar is designed to delve into crucial insights regarding motorcycle safety and insurance practices.

Date: April 5 (Fri), 2024
Time: 1:00 to 4:30 PM (Philippine Time)
Mode: via Zoom
Fee: Free

Topics and Speakers:
1. Enhancing Motorcycle Safety through Insurance Awareness
To be presented by Mr. Michael F. Rellosa, PIRA Executive Director
2. Compulsory Third-Party Liability / Statistical Analysis of Motorcycle Crashes
To be presented by Mr. Danilo J. Encela, Acting Chief of LTO’s Traffic Safety Division

Why Attend?
This webinar is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable insights from industry leaders and experts in motorcycle safety and insurance. Whether you’re a researcher, professional, student, or enthusiast, this event is tailored to empower your understanding and promote responsible practices.

Interested participants can sign up using the link provided in the poster or scan the QR Code.

Let’s come together to promote motorcycle safety and responsible insurance practices.

See you there!

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