Traffic Impact Assessment for Technical Evaluators with LocalSim


  • Appreciate the importance of Traffic Impact Assessment.
  • Understand the principles and steps in conducting a TIA.
  • Apply the TIA Report checklist in evaluating traffic impact assessment reports.
  • Learn how to conduct TIA analysis using LocalSim.
  • Assess the suitability of recommended measures to mitigate traffic impacts.

Course Content

Module 1. Fundamentals of TIA
Module 2. TIA Report
Module 3. Transport Planning: Trip Generation and Distribution
Module 4. Transport Planning: Mode Split and Route Assignment
Module 5. Traffic Engineering Analysis: Determination of Level of Service (LOS)
Module 6. Transport/Traffic Survey for TIA
Module 7. Transport Systems Management and Travel Demand Management
Module 8. Preparing TIA Checklist
Module 9. Institutionalization of TIA
Module 10. Traffic Simulation (LocalSim)
Workshop 1 – TIA Evaluation Checklist
Workshop 2 – TIA Analysis using LocalSim

Target Participants

City/Municipal planners/engineers, traffic engineers, transportation planners, local and national government personnel involved in transportation, and TIA would be evaluators.

Participation Fee

Php 15,000 (inclusive of 12% VAT) per person; covers training kit, course materials, certificate with holder, lunch, and snacks.