October 28, 2016

Advanced Traffic Administration Course


Local Government Unit employees especially those in the City Planning and Development Office, Traffic Management Office and City Engineering Office are main target for this course.  This training is the continuation of the Traffic Administration Course.  This course gives an overview on land use and travel demand forecasting.  This also includes introduction to trip generation and parking generation.  Basics of public transport system analysis and planning is also presented touching base on route measured capacity.  Project development cycle, evaluation process including financial, economic and environmental will be covered under transportation system evaluation.  Traffic laws and regulations discussions will focus on RA 4136, local government ordinances and other economic and environmental regulations.  Physical distribution and logistics will also be discussed in the course.  Lastly, environmentally sustainable transportation system fundamentals and EST strategies and policies will be thoroughly discussed.  A workshop will also be conducted to apply the EST concepts on identifying appropriate EST activities at the local level.

Target Participants

Municipal/City planners, Municipal/City engineers, traffic engineers, transportation planners, local and national government personnel involved in transportation and related functions


At the end of the training, the participants will be able :
1. To have an enhanced understanding of environmentally sustainable transportation (EST) and travel demand forecasting;
2. To identify appropriate EST applications at the local level;
3. To illustrate the significance of outputs and results of travel demand forecasting models in transportation planning; and
4. To provide a mix of hands-on training, exercises and workshops to ensure a high level of retention.

Course Outline

Module 1. Land Use and Travel Demand Forecasting
Module 2. Trip Generation and Parking Generation
Module 3. Public Transport System Analysis and Planning
Module 4. Transportation System Evaluation
Module 5. Transportation Laws and Regulations
Module 6. Introduction to Physical Distribution and Logistics
Module 7. Introduction to Environmentally Sustainable Transportation
Module 8. Environmentally Sustainable Transportation Strategies and Policies
Workshop – Applying the EST Strategies at the Local Level

Participation Fee

Php 12,000 per person, inclusive of training kit, course materials, certificate with holder, lunch, and snacks.  Please make cheque payable to UP National Center for Transportation Studies Foundation, Inc. (UPNCTSFI).

Minimum Degree Requirement

Attended the Traffic Administration Course or Regular Training Program of UP-NCTS.


Application form can be downloaded here.
Required documents and payment details can be downloaded here.