Strengthening NCTS research collaborations with students

A team of Grade 12 researchers from the Rizal National Science High School (RNSHS), Province of Rizal, Municipality of Batingan, Binangonan, visited NCTS on February 1, 2024, to request collaboration on testing tracker-embedded signboards and an accompanying website. Initially, the innovative project was named Jeepney Positioning System (JeePS), which aims to install trackers on jeepneys that will benefit commuters, as the prototype is designed to effectively track down the current location of the jeepneys in accordance with the destination of the passengers.

The team presented their research to NCTS Research, Extension, and Professional Staff (REPS), namely Engr. Sheila Flor Javier, EnP. Jerome Ballarta, and Ms. Maribelle Lobendino.
During this meeting, NCTS REPS informed the students that such a study is already being implemented in connection with the proposed PUV Modernization Plan in the country. It was suggested that such a study could be implemented with tricycles instead of jeepneys. The team accepted the suggestion and is willing to revise their research.

The students were able to meet the NCTS Director for a courtesy call on the same day.

After almost a month, the students again requested another meeting on an online platform on March 15, 2024, to present their revised research study entitled Development of Tricycle Positioning System (TriPS): A Real-Time Tricycle Tracker for Commuters with Tracker-Embedded Signboards. This time, more NCTS REPS were present to provide comments and recommendations for their research. The REPS present in the meeting were Engr. Aileen Mappala, EnP Jerome Ballarta, Mr. Sahid Kamid, Engr. Julshabar Halil and Ms. Maribelle Lobendino. Also present is Ms. Roselle Halabaso, an Administrative Assistant from the Center.

The meeting concluded with specific comments and recommendations that were duly noted by the students and the body agreed to communicate online regarding revisions of the research, specifically the manuscript and the questionnaires. Eventually, a certification for validation of the questionnaires was requested from the NCTS as a requirement from their school.