Strengthening Road Safety at Expressways: UP NCTS Conducts Road Crash Investigation and Analysis Training for NLEX Personnel

Strengthening Road Safety at Expressways: UP NCTS Conducts Road Crash Investigation and Analysis Training for NLEX Personnel

n an earnest effort to enhance road safety measures and mitigate road crashes, the UP National Center for Transportation Studies (UP NCTS) recently organized a comprehensive training program on “Road Crash Investigation and Analysis” for North Luzon Expressway Corporation (NLEX) personnel. Held every Tuesdays and Thursdays from July 11 to 25, 2023, the training aimed to equip 30 NLEX professionals with specialized skills in road crash investigation and analysis, marking a significant stride towards creating safer expressways.

With a focus on fostering evidence-based decision-making and proactive road safety measures, the training featured a distinguished panel of resource speakers: Dr. Ricardo G. Sigua, Engr. Aileen U. Mappala, Ret. Col. Peter N. Dionisio, P.Col. (Atty.) Oliver S. Tanseco and Mr. Jebus Edrei C. Taguiam. Experts from diverse backgrounds, including law enforcement, traffic management, transportation engineering, data analytics, and road safety policy, shared their insights and experiences with the participants.

The training adopted an interactive approach, encompassing engaging lectures, practical workshops, case studies, and group discussions. Attendees actively participated in hands-on exercises, simulating real-world crash investigations and learning data analysis techniques.

The culmination of the intensive training program was marked by an inspiring graduation ceremony, where key messages were delivered by Dr. Jun T. Castro, Director of UP NCTS, and Ms. Hasmin Co, Senior Manager, NLEX Compliance and Business Excellence. Both emphasized the importance of continuous learning and collaboration in building a safer road environment.

Responses from the graduates were delivered by Mr. Joji Alano from NLEX Traffic Operations, Mr. Felix Giron from NLEX Traffic Operations, and Mr. Alexander John Barrientos from NLEX Asset Management. They expressed their commitment to applying the acquired knowledge and skills to improve road safety measures and reduce road crashes.

The awarding of certificates was headed by Engr. Sheila Flor D. Javier, Head of the UP NCTS Training Division. Certificates were presented to each graduate as a token of recognition for their hard work and dedication to promoting road safety.

Armed with road crash investigation knowledge and specialized skills, the trained NLEX personnel are poised to champion road safety initiatives and implement effective measures to prevent road crashes. The UP NCTS’ dedication to enhancing road safety at expressways stands as a beacon of hope for a secure and safe transportation landscape.

The UP NCTS’ road crash investigation and analysis training for NLEX personnel exemplifies the significance of collaborative efforts in promoting road safety. As these professionals return to their roles, their enriched expertise is expected to play a pivotal role in mitigating road crashes and ensuring safer expressways for the traveling public. With the commitment of key stakeholders like UP NCTS and NLEX, a future with reduced road crashes and enhanced road safety becomes an achievable reality.