Proceedings of the 23rd Annual TSSP Conference

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Panel Discussion
Theme: Road Safety Data: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities

1. Open Data Initiatives: Data for Road Incident Visualization Evaluation and Reporting System (DRIVER) and Open Traffic
2. Road Safety Data: Issues, Challenges and Opportunities [Engr. Marites Reyes, DPWH]
3. TSSP Annual Conference Panel Discussion [Dr. Ricardo Sigua, UP Diliman]

Technical Session 1A
Transport Modes/Safety

1. Investigating the relationship between housing affordability and mobility in Metro Manila, Philippines [Abad, R.P., Fillone, A.M., Banister, D., Hickman, R., Biona, J.B.M.M.]
2. Identifying the Determinants of Walkability and Use of Non- Motorized Transport in a Medium-Sized City: The Case of Iloilo City, Philippines [CameƱa, J.P., and Castro, J.T.]
3. Comparative Study of Uber and Regular Taxi Service Characteristics [Nistal, P.D., and Regidor, J.R.F.]
4. Comparative Analysis of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) and Conventional Taxi Services in Metro Manila [Paronda, A.G.A., Regidor, J.R.F., and Napalang, M.S.G.]
5. Choice Analysis of Access and Egress Mode: Use the Pedicab or Walk [Bongulto, J.R.D., Ponce, J.V.J., De La Paz, L. A. G., Vega, M.A.C., and Fillone, A.M.]
6. Philippine Air Transport Safety: Analysis of Incidents over the Last Two Decades [Cruz, G.S.P., and Sigua, R.G.]

Technical Session 1B
Transport Modeling/Simulation

7. Comparison of Simple Gap Acceptance Method and Gap Forcing Method in Estimating the Capacity of Single Lane Streams at Simple Intersections [Ladaga, A.S., and Sigua, R.G.]
8. Application of Artificial Neural Network to Trip Attraction of Condominiums in Metro Manila [Roxas, N.R. and Fillone, A.M.]
9. Calibration of the Gravity Model for Estimation of UPLB Employee Trips using Origin-Destination Data [Cleofas, I.C.V. and Sundo, M.B.]
10. Calibrating Relative Velocity and Lateral Clearance Parameters of a Lane Changing Model for Traffic Microsimulation [Dimayacyac, E.T., and Palmiano, H.S.O.]
11. Evaluation of the Runway Capacity of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport [Sawali, F. C. A., Vega, L.V.U., and Palmiano, H.S.O.]
12. Comparison of Logit and Neural Network Models in Inter- Island Discrete Choice Analysis [Roquel, K.I.D.Z, and Fillone, A.M.]

Technical Session 2A
Transport Planning

13. Modeling Impacts of Proposed Mobility and Accessibility Interventions in Intramuros, Manila [Bagabaldo, A.R.B., Uy, F.A.A., and Tiglao, N.C.C.]
14. Design Considerations for a Major Terminal Facility in Metro Manila [Bayona, M.E.A.C., Cano, S.M., Dagdagan, M.M.Y., Valeda, C.C.M., and Fillone, A.M.]
15. Assessment of Localized Congestion on the Roads of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport 3 (NAIA 3), Pasay City, Manila [Carandang, C.C.P., Cruz, N.E.G., Olea, A.J.N., Patiu, A., and Fillone, A.M.]
16. Implementing an Asset Valuation System for Local Roads in the Philippines [Doroy, N., and McNamara, L.]
17. Assessment of the Level of Service (LOS) in the Check-In Area of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 Using IATA Standards [Cedo, C.V.O., and Sundo, M.B.]

Technical Session 2B
Behavior Modeling

18. A Study on the Effect of Lane Changing Behavior on the Approach Ramp of a Road Overpass [Aguilar, M., Geronimo, C.R., Belda, A.J., Lamberte, A., and Fillone, A.M.]
19. Microscopic Modeling of Traffic Management Schemes along Taft Avenue, Manila [Aliping, A.B., Bartolome, A.V.R., Sante, R.A.P., Sulit, E.A.V., and Fillone, A.M.]
20. Passenger Mode Switching Behavior in the Eleven Stations of the Pasig River Ferry [Blanco, M.C.E.Q., Sanchez, M.B.K.A., and Doroy, N.B.]
21. Analysis of the Effect of a Traffic Discipline Zone on Vehicular Flow along Estrada Street from Singalong Street to Taft Avenue [De Leon, E.S.S., Tan, A.E.R., Nasol, Y.F.L., Vergel De Dios, L.P.M., and Paringit, M.C.R.]
22. Characterizing Student Travel Behavior During Heavy Rainfall and Flooding [Ibasco, L.S.S., and Fillone, A.M.]

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